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Major appointee| MAR 110 merchandising ConceptsBusiness thinking solar Energy| Student come upon: Shaun Smith and Sabyasachi ChakrabortyStudent ID: 7448414 and 4137175Tutor diagnose: microphone offsetWord Count: Date: 11th August 2012| in spite of appearance information OF ASSIGNMENT| | STUDENT NAMES: | IDS:| company Assignment Coversheet (Online version) Group Assignment Coversheet (Online version) Shaun SmithSabyasachi Chakraborty| 74484144137175| UNIT CODE * NAME| MAR110 makeeting Concepts| opinion TITLE| Major Assignment Business extend Solar Energy| TUTORS NAME:| Mike Spark| DATE OF SUBMISSION:| 11th August, 2012| | | DECLARATION| | We concord that ( the basic four boxes must be completed for the yielding to be accepted):? This assignment does not contain any fabric that has antecedently been submitted for assessment at this or any former(a) university. ? This is an airplane pilot piece of work and no bust has been completed b y any opposite student than those sign-language(a) below. ? We constitute record and understood the avoiding buccaneering guidelines at and no part of this work has been copied or paraphrased from any other root system except where this has been clearly acknowledged in the body of the assignment and included in the reference list. ? We have retained a copy of this assignment in the typesetters case of it becoming deep in thought(p) or damaged. ? (optional) We twin to a copy of the assignment existence retained as an precedent for future students (subject to identifying details being removed). | Student acknowledgement (each phallus of the group must agree to the above before including their typed discover below): | Date:| Shaun SmithSabyasachi Chakrab orty| 11th August, 201211th August, 2012| ! | dilate OF FEEDBACK| | | Office Use unless| Date have| | Received by| | Total Mark / Grade| | Marker| |...If you take to get a all-inclusive essay, order it on our website:

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